out from under the fog

February 2, 2009

I was really in pain yesterday evening, as a result I had to take some heavy drugs that leaves you lifeless for a day. I slept all morning in deep into the afternoon. I had only one task today and that was to set up a party for my LoveofMyLife. His birthday is this coming week and I have not arranged anything with 16+  guest coming for a wine and cheese party the following Sunday.

But what concerns me most is that the pain that is making me take heavy drugs is not subsiding. I might be waving the guests on from the bedside. And I am truly okay with this idea. I have ruined enough birthday parties due to Hospital time, I don’t want this one to end up the same. I have one more big radiation tomorrow and that should be it for a while. I hope that the pain does begin to subside. Otherwise I will never get out of this vicious cycle of doping myself in order to sleep and wasting my whole day until the fog lifts.


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