Not feeling tired, cherishing the moment

January 25, 2009

It is almost 2 am and I am still hearing the neighbor upstairs milling around. He is awake for the same reason I am. There is someone playing Romeo outside our windows.  Every once in a while I heard a car horn going off. At first I thought it was an alarm, but I realize it was not fast or even in a set pattern.  No, it was a young couple apparently having a lovers spat and the car owner trying to persuade the local resident to come have a chat in the car.

The night moved on to light discussions out of the window, and a small pleading session to the young attractive girl.

We all just watched and wondered where the time has gone when you got cajoled to come have a talk at 2 am.

As my little miracle reminded me today that I was old. I just had to laugh. I was over the 40.  That was something.

Today my Mother is officially 80, to me that is old and I hope to have a long way to go.  As a terminal cancer patient I’d be joyous if I lived that long, but instead I cherish every moment I have even if I have been woken from my sleep to watch  a modern day Romeo and Juliet, or hear that I am over the hill.. Just honored.


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