survivorship concerns

January 21, 2009

I have to decided to take control of small details. I need to find an au-pair that will work for a single parent for the first time. I usually don’t take much notice of this category, but now I am going to limit my au-pair search to exclusively those individuals that will work for a single parent. Why?

Because I am truly worried I won’t be above ground by next year when their contract will run out.

I am also seriously looking at placing my sweet girl in boarding school. Even after my mother said I was forcing her to become an Orphan.  I tried to reassure her that boarding schools of the past have changed immensely and are not alone for the rich but  offer  a solid education that will give her a better chance at a good university later. 

What am I so worried about?  In Dutchland, they have standard tests that if you don’t pass you end up being the street cleaner because you are tracked at the age of 10.  Sorry late bloomers there is no room in the educational system in Holland. Point out.  So I am looking day and night at prospectives that will give allowances to children with “Death” issues.  Even compensation is given for enrollment if they are from a single parent family.

This thought of boarding school happened when I saw how transforming one of our cousins got an opportunity to study in England for a year. His English became polished and confident.  I saw him really come into his own in just a short period. I then looked up his school and realized it was built to house children who lost a parent in World War One and takes in these sort of applicants as a priority and an endowment to boot. ( Free ride baby)

I am just want my child to have a small classroom environment with optimal attention to college prep. But I might not want to wait until she is 14 to place her in a high school setting when it is too late to undo the damage of  Dutch schools, (ie no homework, group projects with no responsibility for any part so if your baby is the smart cookie they do the work for the other 3 in the group, pure abuse for the smarter kids.) I am not exaggerating because I have been through the system myself to get a teaching certificate. I know first hand and don’t wish this  for my child or any smart child.

More searching…


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