is 6am a good morning?

January 20, 2009

It is a trick question.  I have been up all night with incredible amounts of pain.  First 1:36 2:15 2:47 3:02 3:56 4:10 then 5:55 so I waited until it turned 6am and decided to start my day so that I could justify taking another set of pain killers. 

I always have a hard time breaking bad news to my Mother, but I had to call and let her know I need another round of radiation shortly.  I finally got a call from the hospital explaining I needed to be at the consultation at 1pm and the Sim would be done at 3 pm.  We discussed how radiation has take my pain away in the past, and we should look forward to the same results. I agreed trying to keep my chin up on this end of the phone. But honestly I am in spasms and screaming like I am giving birth to twins simultaneously.  We ended on a gentle note about the new baby that is due to arrive in our family the day after the inauguration of Barack Obama via c-section.

Good morning Vietnam-Robin Williams


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