Honesty is still the best policy

January 15, 2009

I foundstepped on a Ipod in the plane  going from Amsterdam to Newark on December 18th.  I never touched an Ipod I just thought it was an expensive walkman of the future, and had no need to shut myself off from the world to listen to some old music.

I did due dilligence, I asked practically every one in the plane if they had lost an Ipod. I was immediately joyous with every no I got, because I was planning to keep it, until the name Kim Rodig appeared in a submenu which took me weeks to find, I then found a calendar for LHS and some other map search of Lexington Mass.  The game of detective was on. I had no access to the internet making the hunt more enticing. Once I got back to Amsterdam, I know, I know  a facebook account is well worth it, because my aupair had a facebook account and carefully contacted Kim, I was extremely joyous that the ipod could go back to it’s rightful owner. I had given my aupair a task to ship it back to Kim with my blessing that it was aways in safe hands.

And yes it was fun while it lasted, but I still believe it is an overused video walkman. 16 gigs I could not waste my time uploading or downloading.  Happy New Year, I hope some one else is as honest as I am and will put a few pennies down for post when I loose something.  Do you believe in good Karma?, back at ya baby.


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