Just got back from diner with the parlementarian and his wife

January 10, 2009

Old college mates of my hubby, we went out for a bit of Peking duck and other assorted Chinese rice tables. I was particularly run down because we had already visited Grandmother and have been trapped in a car for more than 4 hours.  My little one was impressing everyone with her new American Cheerleader moves she learned from one of her cousins, and being a bit of an ants in the pants.

We were not overly frolic after the long  journey to see Grandmother, but there was a glimmer of excitement as we took a big break away from everything and went skating.  Someone a hundred years ago or so,  got the idea to fill his farm  field in with water and watch it freeze making a perfect ice rink,  that you can’t fall into.  Also an amazing money maker was born.  For a lousy 3 euro we went out on a personal quest to enjoy the winter as much as possible.

After several hours and frozen fingers we got a round of hot chocolates and a we deserved bag of chips and headed back to the big city with a proud father after the wheel of the car, happy to share a childhood experience with his child. This was really the first time in a long time that I am looking forward to going back, and watching those two make fools of themselves as I watch from my inside perched position at a window next to a heater.

As we shared our joys and simple pleasures with the parliamentarian and his wife and by the look on their faces, we knew,  how those small moments easily slip away and can never be recaptured.  I made a vow to have more of those “life” moments. I guess you could say it is my new years resolution.  Weight loss can wait, special  life moments can’t.


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