The count down can officially begin!

December 8, 2008

18 yes only 18 days and I am back in the states. knowing a white christmas is just around the corner, I am going to start confirming my reservations and set up a day where we walk down Madison ave and do a bit of christmas shopping.

my one friend gave me an address of a store named bambini on Madison ave 1028 NY NY.

http://www.madisonavenyny.com  might have a listing.

This cancer patient is looking forward to skiing with my almost 4 year old. She was on skis last winter in the Swiss alps and this year in the bunny slopes of the pocono mountains.  I’ll be happy spending time drinking a warm chocolate by the lounge and wait for my snow bunny to finish her ski lesson.

I am also looking forward to celebrating a few weeks early my mother’s 80th birthday. Born in the crash of the first stock market and lived through the great depression, I can not wait to give her thanks and praise to God for her existance.

I am not alone with thoughts of celebrating Christmas with all its American glory, I also can’t wait to go sing carols in the church and see other member and how they are getting along. The connection I so long for, old friends, a reunion of sorts, and maybe even a new years eve party that will be worth remembering.

I AM secretly hoping the park pond is frozen solid so that  we can do a bit of skating as a family each one of us holding on to the wobbly arm of our princess. How I long for the simple joys in life. I plan on helping my mom make the christmas cookies and count how many my loveofmylife consumes! Chocolate chip is his favorite.

Momentos to take home, a picture of santa and our little one on his lap.


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