She is really a little girl now

November 16, 2008

That was the shocking comment from our friends we have not seen since the spring. We finally got together for pancakes, and really noticed how grown up my LoveBug is.

We love their home, a large brownstone in the middle of a rich suburb of Amsterdam. They are waiting out their time to become grandparents, and are crazy about my little 3 year old girl. She had a blast playing with barbies and a beauty salon where she could get other barbies to blow dry and style the hair.

My little one has just gone to the hairdresser herself, and like any 3 year old the baby phase is over and so are the beautiful ringlet curls. I had the beautician save them for me.  One small lock will go to my mother as a keepsake.

We are in count down mode. only four weeks until we touch down on American soil. I’m wondering if we are going to see the economic crunch personally. Hear friends and family members recognize differences. We will also stay until the new year, and watch the ball drop in time square.

Who knows what the new year will bring. I’m watching my girl grow leaps and bounds. I still have to get through Thanksgiving, St. Nicolas, and many lonely nights as my hubby has to put in more hours to compensate for the early kick off date to leave for Christmas vacation.  With a financial budget that needs to be solidified, it is a monumental task.

I guess we are all growing.


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