The envelope please…

November 4, 2008

Braced for election results are not as important to a cancer patient than the results for an MRI scan.

I got my appointment to get my every 3 months scan that is 2 months on a waiting list. I am 5 months without a scan. I’m  negative? no. Am realistic that the pain pumping through the left breast where my original tumor was removed will show growth. I’ve noticed that my breast looks like an orange with deep pours. But no only my breast, but my left hand skin is also orange skin like.

I am trying not to be nervous, but I am honestly worried about my future plans. Can a Stage 4 patient have plans? Of course, but let’s not get to hasty.  I want to be able to go away for my Anniversary and  travel back to America for Christmas. This sounds reasonable to most healthy friends and family, but it could all be squashed due to this envelope giving the results of my scan.

Some scenarios are that I am locked into a radiation rooster that extends into my vacation plans. This envelop could make decisions to stop walking and opt for a wheelchair if my hip is too damaged.  Replacing hips and other bones are not options for cancer patients because there is nothing to attached the bones to other bones they just disintegrate.  Therefore, watch and rot.

I have already started to do my Christmas shopping early in case any of the above scenarios come into effect.

What else can I do? Buy a mini laptop or better known as net-books, so that if I am stuck in a hospital bed, I can still write.


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