Greetings out zeeland

October 29, 2008

I have what my grandfather explained to me when he was in his hospital bed waiting for the Lord to take him– Tired eyes. I am just resting my eyes was one of Pappy’s favorite sayings.

I have not had a decent night sleep because my little girl is under the weather. She acts great but once the night falls, clingy and demanding become the tired behavior. Let me tell you that my child is not a clinger, and I rarely have seen her hide behind my legs to strangers. So when she clings there is only one reason,  a cold is settling in her tiny little body.  As we spent time on the rocking chair or in the bed, we made up songs and I made up stories with my tiny angel as the lead character.  Here is one of her chorus lines. 

” Walking in the morning,

you come back, (come back) to you and me,

Raining in the night

you are my rain, rain rain rain on me”

I thought that was pretty creative for a 3 year old.

We go to bed early knowing we will spend a greater part of the day on our bikes. I am glad as well as grateful fo this small vacation from the hectic life we lead in Amsterdam. Even my 3 year old is starting to have play dates an a social life.

I am looking forward to:  eating a bolus: a sticky bun / monkey bread with a warmed up milk and pure chocolate kisses dropped in to make hot chocolate from our favorite baker, then off to buy pumpkins for carving and later in the day poffertjes with ice cream. I bought a walking path map that I plan to get full use out of by walking utterly in circles around the dunes. I think I could get quite use to island living. Walking in circles clears the mind of junk and focuses on the task of renewing the spirit which we all need in this day and age.


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