First day of vacation did not disappoint

October 27, 2008

As we entered our small two lane highway to finish our journey, we found that the last intersection was covered with potatoes. Yes, Spuds, obviously the truck from the near by field took to sharp a turn and a good number of spuds covered the intersection. First we thought, how odd, but then realized summer is officially over this week once we change the clocks back to winter time.

The harvest claims priority over the small vacation area.  I guess I am still proud that you can stop on the side of a road and buy pumpkins. Knowing that there is money in a jar to exchange large bills for smaller coins.  We are so happy that “honesty still exists” The honesty and trust of strangers not to rob the till or take the pumpkins without paying. No security cameras that are so prevalent in Amsterdam, no money machine with a video rolling 24-7, just a jar of coins and Good Faith. Faith in people and the goodness within still exists in our beach house town.

We needed to rest our nerves, we both were a little on edge the past few days. Having such a leisurely start and enjoying pancakes at our favorite windmill, just set the tone for a lazy getaway.

Time to write a post card to Nana saying that in no time it will be Christmas.

more news from Zeeland later.


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