comfort food as the weather cools down.poffertjes in english

October 14, 2008

Poffertjes (Dutch) part I of II


250 gram Bloem,  Flour, White
400 gram Melk , Milk
7 gram Gist droge, Yeast Active Dry
53 gram Ei, Egg
0.5 tsp Zout, Salt

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Instructions in English

Put the flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle. Sprinkle salt on the outside of the flour and the yeast in the hole.
Make milk and egg lukewarm (microwave). Stirr a little in the hole and keep 2 minutes stirring.
Poor the remain milk/egg in the hole and mix, first slowly after all is in faster and faster.
Put the bowl on a warm spot in the room (or in the microwave that is not in use).
Let it raise for 1 hour.
I bought a thing you can put the batter in.
Put the Pofferttjes-pan on the fire and heaten a little. Brush margarine in the holes and let the pan get hot.
Fill the holes for 2/3 with the batter.
Remember the first one you fill and make a round, so when the surface is dry you can check if there are brown. You can turn them upside down in the same order as fillling.
Eat 12 or 15 on a plate, put a small piece of butter on the poffertjes and sprinkle them royal with confectioners’ sugar.
Has to be eaten warm.

Nutritionvalue without the sugar and margarine and butter (7 gr piece) 13 kcal; fat 0,5 gr of which is 0,1 gr satfat; protein 0,5 gr; carbs 2,2 gr; fiber nihil; sodium 15 mg; cholesterol 2,8 mg; sugar 0,23 gr.
Per serving of 15 (without sugar and margarine and butter) 92 kcal; fat 3,3 gr; protein 7,5 gr; carbs 33,5; fiber 1,2 gr; natrium 225 mg; cholesterol 42 mg; sugar 3,5 gr.


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  1. These look really good – I can’t believe I could make them as neat as those ones in the picture, but I guess that doesn’t really matter 😉 I can imagine dipping them in something – would chocolate sauce work? That would be real comfort food!

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