On the fence- who to vote for as President

October 5, 2008

Perhaps you are tired of all the endless jabber about the elections.  This
is an interesting online quiz <http://electoralcompass.com/> made by a
university here in the Netherlands (if the link doesn’t work copy and paste
this: http://electoralcompass.com/).  Like lots of other quizzes it is
biased and it is clear that the answers they want you to provide are very
black and white.  The main feature I like is the end where you can select a
topic and then see graphically how close you are too one candidate to
another and thus helping the undecided select what issues are most important
to them and where they are represented on the scale.  It seems that quite a
few people I am in touch with are on the fence about their decision; I think
any tool that might help them is an asset, so pass it on!:)

I hope that you are well.


Just a quick note from the most brilliant ex- nanny..
I am not a one issue voter but if I were I would vote for who supports breast cancer funding the most. But I honestly must admit I personally am on the fence.


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