We made it through another day

October 2, 2008

Call me a push over if you will but I am giving my babysitter a second chance. I am waiting for her to call me back because she has been sick for over a week.  I made arrangements with my new found friend to visit Tun Fun again to pass the time away. The real problem is that I had physical therapy scheduled at my house at 5, not ideally at 6 when Tun Fun is closed. This problem haunted me for the first few hours, how was I going to pull my darling off the trampoline and have her listen to me when it was time to go? I was in preparation mode all day saying things like : honey when I call you to leave you must come out and put your jacket on and get ready to go with me.

But about an hour before we needed to go my love-buginvites my new friend and her whole family to our house. I tell them it really no trouble because I was just planning to warm up a pizza from the freezer and make toasted cheese sandwiches as a back up plan. 

Let me tell you that it was the easiest time getting out of that indoor playground than I could have even imagined. Not only for me but for the other mother. With such relief we were puttering on our way all stacked into my silly little car and having a whole hour to get settled before my PT arrived. Tea was made, pizza was in the oven…video was running and everyone was content.

We baked apples even got icecream from the freezer with a scoop of marshmallow fluff for some added fun.  Do you live your life so spontaneously? We made it through another day without the babysitter with flying colors thanks to a little help from a new friend.


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