Going Solo- babysitter is sick on a day I get chemo

September 29, 2008

It happens now and again when your support help system breaks down. My babysitter has called in sick, and my au-pair has a full study rooster.

I truly believe I have the strength to “go Solo” today. I just have to take it easy and buy take out after my chemo treatment today.  Our hospital supplies free daycare while you are getting your treatment. The kids have an indoor race track and 4 wheel bikes with a steering wheel. They don’t even notice the time, because they are having so much fun.

I am reassured that my child is getting special attention while I am getting my chemo. The key is to be done with chemo before they close at 4:30pm.  With a 2 pm appointment that my hubby cannot attend ( we usually get a lunch appointment.) I am racing against the clock today. Worse case scenario is that I have to ask someone from my department to ride the elevator with me and help me pick up my child while still attached to my drip / intravenous pole.

I don’t believe I have ever let my little girl see me attached to the pole, but I do believe she is old enough to realize I am sick and can handle the shock of seeing the medicine in liquid form. She has already seen me give myself a shot and has adjusted to that situation as being normal.

So taking it easy is the theme, order take out chinese and eat pancakes for lunch at the hospital. It’s a plan.


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