A meant to be- free will or fate

September 24, 2008

Philosophers discuss free will or fate all the time, but I am on the fence about whether my sickness or my daily routine was my fate. But yesterday two thing reminded me that maybedefinately God is playing a roll in my life. This is how it began, and how it was confirmed.

Any time we are off plan in my life, wonderful, God-driven things happen to me. Preschool was cancelled due to a medical emergency of the teacher’s kid, broken leg was the rumor. Plan B was to go to TUNFUN which is an indoor playground only until my princess’ little gym lesson. But before we knew it the time passed us by and there was really know justifiable reason to be late to the gym, so I called it off. That very instant a couple with two children come into our area with the soft benches and tells the mother in english “Look Mommy :she is sewing. The mothers in unison say “it’s knitting”. Well it does not take long for a conversation about America and what are you doing in Amsterdam occurs. While my student/nanny gets an icecream for my child we settle in to find her boy is as active as my little 3yrold girl. Next thing we know they are like two monkeys, and mine has him in a head lock, and later … he has her in a half nelson. Neither of them seem to mind the rough play. Thank you God for high pain tolerance that she inherited from me.

Then the man got down to actual questions.  Do you know of a good realestate firm? Where can I get a decent hair cut for under 50$,  There is no Supercuts in Amsterdam, 20 Euros is the going rate. I gave him a few websites to get him looking for housing and the  name of my friend who is a realestate broker and a good physical therapist.

I believe it was truly meant to be that we meet because of us being not diligent about the time frame and staying the rest of the day at the TunFun. We even exchanged a good icecream store not far from our house.

How do I know this was fate? Here is my confirmation. I went on the internet to check my e-mails, with the intention of inviting them to do something again on Thursday or Friday.  I also quickly checked my blog to see an entry that had been “mis-scheduled”.  It was about a piece of blog that should have occurred before, and I guess my finger hit between the 2 an the 3 making a 23 instead of a 3 for the date of posting.

This post would have just been ignored… But the confirmation is that We received a mail for another position from the Queen, just as my blog had predicted would happen that day. Both my Nanny and I got the chills. You may philosophize until the cows come home, but I believe to day was a fate day- a meant to be day. A celestine prophecy kind of day.


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