door closes window open saga continues

September 12, 2008

My cleaning lady of over 7 years, shows up to my house exhausted. Just physically drained. This is a familiar and recognizable look to any cancer patient.  She tells me she is tired in her sweet loving Ghana’s accent. I ask her to go home and rest. First a cup of tea to think it over, and she agreed she needed to go home and rest. I can really tell the difference when my house is not clean, but a persons health is way more important than a fresh bathroom smell.  So off she went for some R&R. ( military term for rest and relaxation)baby carrier Ghana style

 But before she left she had heard my plight of trying to find a new girl. She suggested I call on Z. Z is like a relative from the old country… there is a branch of our family back in Croatia, ex-Yugoslavia that we just don’t know. For me she fills that family gap. She cooks amazing ethnic food, yes fatty but fantastic.  She brings me back to my roots. 

Wouldn’t you know it, she answers my call on the first ring and agrees on the spot to come back and baby sit/ help cook and clean up. I am so thrilled beyond measure. I scratch out  some potential dates on a small piece of 3m sticky paper and we are off and running again, Thursdays with potential Friday afternoons and Monday early evenings, for that late afternoon rush to cook clean up, bath and bed.

Our first day back wth Z goes good.  I need to go shopping for art supplies and find myself from the direction of Z in an Aldi which gives me a feeling of being home in an American supermarket. We head off to the church to light a candle, and to teach a 3 year old about prayer followed by a children’s petting zoo, and then I moved on to do some further shopping, waving goodbye  to my love-bug and our trusted friend Z.

At the end of the day … life is worth living. Thanks to a wonderful suggestion from a lady from Ghana.


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