conservative upbringing rearing ugly face

September 12, 2008

I had two classes to choose from both on Friday morning before my love-bug gets home from play school. My hubby had two telephone numbers ready for me, urging me to get out from behind the computer and do something I love.  painting and portrait sketching. So with my new found freedom I take the number of the place where I am familiar with the area and how to travel to the class. I have become increasing aware that I am an easy target as a handicapped person, and my little red car is like a big red flag saying, kick me. So I know this place has a undercover garage and I call.

Shocked to hear the teacher on the line not a admin. I say I did a gig of portrait by a school www.mk24.nl and the teacher gets all bubbly. He then warns me that the models are primarily naked and I start to choke down my next few words. My conservative upbringing rears it’s ugly little head.  I say to myself, this is art,you are above such things. You  have seen more medical horrors than a naked person. But truly I say to you I have yet to loose my shy inner-core. I directly try to change topic asking what is required of me to bring, he retorts, a pencil sharpener and pencil and any size sketch pad that I am comfortable with. The sketch pad I am comfortable with, but it is what I will be required to sketch will take a bit of getting use to.

I am pushing my envelope again and enjoying the opportunity to do so. Life is too short to sit behind the computer screen.


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