A Door closes, a window opens

September 11, 2008

You have not heard of this expression? I seem to be living it right now. I live life in balance, the good with the bad.  I got sat down yesterday by my Art History student Nanny to tell me she has too difficult a student rooster. The funny thing is I just increased her pay making my bank account a bit thin. No extra ice cream today. And then came the news that  will get a wonderful little compensation for blogging.  IE. making up for the loss in pay.

I now have to find a new au-pair until January 18th when my summer au-pair comes back from Michigan, or start asking around. I e-mailed a bakers dozen of potential aupairs from profiles I had stuffed in a drawer since summer. To my dislike, no one at this moment has responded. I think I am willing to find a local girl to help between diner, a bath and bed. Some one who will do a quick vacuum and clean up the dinner plates, bending down is still problematic for this cancer patient. For those who saw me take a header into a church pew during rehearsal of my brother’s wedding, you know I am not in any way shape or form – exaggerating.

So I am scrambling to find a new girl since the one who was coming back is not. I had my trusted au-pair from the great state of Wisconsin tell me her exchange program to China has dried up and she has to finish her masters immediately, now, by Dec. My heart sinks every time she says it is not working the way she planned. Now I hope that when this door for her closes, that a window soon opens.


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