Stop wearing white? nonsense

September 8, 2008

My little love bug was trying to convince me she could wear white shoes in September. What does a 3 year old know about fashion rules, do and don’t.  I live a less stringent life now and I am a big push over if she remembers to say please. 

When I got to the waiting room of the hospital I had to laugh because there was at least 3 women still wearing white from head to toe. There is no need to scold your kid into old fashion ways. Live and let live is the new motto for this cancer patient.

Today I have something to live for. My tumor marker is was 77. Down from 92, and I am enjoying life like never before.  When the girls asked about their presents that I gave them, asking me what the occasion is …I simply stated that it was the beginning of my 3rd year of chemo. Shocking everyone in the room.  I did not say if for the shock effect, but for the unbelievable care I have received so far. Can you even have imaged that this could happen? It’s unheard of!


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