I’ll do it myself … thank you

September 3, 2008

I am not good with dealing with administrative pencil pushers who only want me to answer there specific questions so that I can be officially labeled and placed in the proverbial box. Yesterday the news of not getting a invalid car crashed down on me pretty hard.

canta with a child seat

canta with a child seat


I tried to tell her that if she does not give the local Government advise on getting this car I will end up with something like this instead.

 With the offer of adding a child’s bike seat to the back of it? I am not kidding this is the advise you get from socialized medicine in ACTION. It is the bait and switch technique in full glory. Not am I disturbed by the news I for the first time am mad at my local Government which my hubby runs! I truly am seathing to the point that I put on my American boot straps attitude and said to the pencil pusher, …Forget it, sorry for all your work, but I will do it my self…Thank you very much.

Since then I have been combing marktplaats.nl for a second hand vehicle. to my behold there are at least 6 contenders to choose from. Obviously the store that sells these vehicles can deliver one to my house for a test drive. I am serious and have offed hard cold cash for a 1 year old one in good working order. I have had enough of the pencil pushers pinching pennies. I have had an e-mail or two already about purchasing something in the range of 2500.00 Euros. plus or minus 4 grand.

I am off for the weekend, yes I know it is Thursday, but I need to let off some steam from this  ridiculous story.


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