Confronted with my cancer via the telephone

September 3, 2008

I know my General Practice Doc is not the best, but the telephone call I got from his office today really confronted me.  His assistant, who apparently does not read the files of the patients before calling for a screening.  Apparently every 5 years, after the age of the magic number 40, do you get screened in Holland for cancer of the uterus.

First of all I could not believe she is telling me I have to come in for a screening to check if I have cancer. I say, pardon, I am not a native speaker… She explains that I did not fill out some silly survey and with out a signature I MUST have an examination. I said wait a minute I HAVE cancer already and it is in my body from head to toe. Why do I need to be screened? She does not even back pedal. She just goes no with her little speech about every 5 years, and when is convenient for an appointment etc. etc. I almost hang up on her, but I explained, I am not coming into the office to sign a paper releasing me from some stupid screening when I have the sickness already, and I am at stage 4 already.  I say bluntly: “There is not stage 5 unless you consider death a stage”. After that statement, she comes to her senses and says she will call the screening agency and straighten out the matter. Thanks me for my time and quickly hangs up. oops! What a blunder.


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