test drive a invalid car

September 2, 2008

 I’m waiting for the dealer to drop off a small car and let me have a test drive. I have not been behind the wheel since I have acquired a neck brace and a 3 year old.  I have had a driver’s license since my 16Th birthday, but don’t dare drive in a big city. Too many bikes who have the right of way in the great city of Amsterdam , 600,000 bikes. I personally own 3 bikes, my mountain, my cruiser and my electric.

I got my European license when I moved 8 years ago this November. I wonder what it will be like to drive again. I am trying to recapture my freedom. Having mobility is freedom to me. I will be able to take my girl to ballet school, myself. I will be able to go to the gym in the winter, Myself.  I will be able to take my girl to the swimming lessons, MYSELF! Independence for myself is so important to me now.

YES I am disabled, but I am not down and out! I am looking forward to getting in my tiny vehicle and putter around the city like never before.  I can use the bike paths and not be worried about traffic. The vehicle is also automatic which is a plus, as an American I see the stick shift as a poverty option. But in Europe, automatic is only for the invalid, you are not really driving until you are driving stick!


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