shocked to hear

September 1, 2008


That I had neglected keeping contact with my Roomie, Bridesmaid of honor, and ultimate friend. She had just lost her Mother in May to failing kidneys, and had taken a mourning leave to visit her father in India. I assumed she stayed for some time and did not write because of lack of access I had over the summer at the beach house. I feel awful, even shameful that I did not support her more during her mourning period, but I did not want my good vibes to take a spiral. I hope she could understand this fact. But I fear now that I am loosing my best friend and ultimate life long friend.  I was shock to hear she is pregnant with her second child and her sister is having her first baby they are both due a month apart from each other. This makes me happy and sad that I did not correspond sooner. I am shocked also how fast the time has flown.  She reminded me sheepishly that they have not heard a peep from me since May.  Yucks, am I such a bad friend? I can’t believe my own ears, that I have been sooo neglectful. I am totally ashamed of myself. I love her more than she will ever know. She was like the younger sister I never had. I HAVE TO STOP, I’M CAN’T SEE THRU MY TEARS.


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