I need to do more for the “cause”

August 25, 2008

I officially signed up to be a star. No not American idols, but a cancer patient that friends and family can donate money to cancer research. I am a person living with cancer. It will never go away only be repressed because I have a dreaded inoperable tumor. If someone told me tomorrow I could have an operation to get rid of the cancer I would ask “Where do I sign?`My Moms with Cancer blog is gathering strength to become a team. I am all for team playing, but I thought I would give the donation concept a head start.

I never beg for money, but the last few weeks I have been faced with the problem, what do I do with myself once my baby goes to school full time in March 2009. I think I am formulating an answer. I want to help raise money for cancer research. I want to help solve the puzzle called cancer before I wither away from it´s awful affects.

In September the goal of a few thousand dollars is in reach.  Sponsor me as a star in the constellation of cancer life. It is such a small thing that can make a big difference.


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