don’t forget to wave good bye

August 12, 2008

Yes it is another first day of school she has her pretty lime green seersucker dress that her aunt picked out for her. “I don’t want a dress” protested my young maid. I want pants, so I put pants on her, and she said “I want a different pair and started to pull them off until she had to ask for help because the foot got stuck and the pants were looking like a great big knot at the base of her left ankle. With one solid tug they came off.  She decided to wear the dress after all, or was convinced after a strict look from her Papa.

Boy am I grateful for the team work between my husband and I. Especially after a long night of cleaning an accident in the bed. But I don’t want to say it was on protest from our little one, but I don’t think she wanted her vacation to end. Neither did I frankly, but she had 5 accidents, and not telling us she had to go potty. Once she just was to lazy to get op off the lap of the au pair and pee came right through that was accident number 4 for the day, and 5 in bed was the final straw.

My hubby gave up his bed to sleep on the couch so that our little princess had a soft place to sleep. I had chemo in me so my sheets were already sweaty and could not offer my bed.  He galantly took the couch, not wanting to climb 3 flights of stairs to the au-pairs room in the attic. Maybe she just does not want to grow up and we are forcing too many rules on her now.

Well she is definately in for a rude awakening as she goes back to pre-school today. The alarm was madly beeping on Papa’s side of the bed where Papa was not, and climbing my way over in my sleepy state to come to the reality that vacation is over.

Drink and bag for school packed, hair brushed and put in two separate pony tails looking like Pippy Longstocking. A kiss goodbye, and as a stood patiently at the wave to get a wave goodbye, there was no turning back. She was firmly placed on Papa’s shoulders, and looking forward to her new adventures. May be I need to be more like that myself. Full steam ahead.


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