vacation time- no emails, no web, no blogging

July 19, 2008
my hat her curls

my hat her curls

We are off for a formidable 4 weeks with out anything but a cell phone. If your curious our house name is Pocono cottage.  We are going to be hanging out on the beach and going to local/ ( Belgium)  attractions for our little girl. www.plopsaland.be. Not many theme parks are meant for under 4, but this one is an exception it is based on a morning television program from www.studio100.nl.

I have to come back and forth for my chemo day by train that is the reason we are not traveling as far as we would like. I still won’t have access to the Internet unless I go into one of the local hotels and pay by the minute to get my “fix” and check e-mails. I have started to do a bit of e-bay equivalent in Holland called Marktplaast.nl. I am curious how my bidding of my old baby carrier’s are doing. One already go a bid. I’ll close the bidding when I get back. I am very pleased I got my recommended price already, but I am letting the bidding continue because I halfed the original price, and my hip baby carrier from hippy chick really did not get much use. The other one is still in it is original box. Te reason I had the hip sort was I was still recovering from neck radation therapy. Thus nothing over the neck and shoulders thank you.


So I bid you good bye for 4 weeks, and I hang the sign on my blog door saying I am out to lunch!

cheers! Just a cool drink and a cell phone!

cheers! Just a cool drink and a cell phone!


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