Another exhausting day but worth every minute

July 13, 2008

Anxiety ridden while traveling the tube/metro because of my low white blood count I don’t even want to make contact with the hundreds of hanging loops and poles.  After getting this incredibly itchy rash on my face I feel like the phantom of the opera, I don’t want any one to notice so I put on the biggest pair of sunglasses and a wide brim hat.  WHAT AM I COMPLAINING ABOUT? I was off to a festival in the highly multicultural part of town where people really don’t come out after dark.

I wanted to dance to some salsa music but realized we were in the wrong tent. The VIP tent had a reserved table that was empty until we showed up and then suddenly a small sweet very hungry 10 year old and her younger brother and sister sat down beside us. Not understanding the dynamics dived right into the free nuts bowl on the table. We all smiled and wished we were kids again with no pretenses and no one to impress just hungry!


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