inspector for got to ask

July 10, 2008

I had an official inspection today to see that I can walk one hundred meters or not with my cane. I told her of my limitations and later in the day I got a call asking additional question on where I would go if I needed to take my child to all her activities myself, ballet school, little gym, playschool, and then my own activities … physical therapy, and my appointments not including runs to the local pharmacy and the weekly visit to the hospital. I am a full time cancer patient. I think today I was really confronted with my limitations and my freedoms being cut off since my Doc does not want me to be in a public situation. No more bus, tram or bike.  Am  I worthy of a Canta or invalid car? How else am I going to travel with a 3 year old? Any one know of a cheap chauffeur with his own car? (just pipe dreaming)


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