Why don’t you have eyebrows Mommy?

June 19, 2008

Yesterday I was barraged with many questions from upcoming docs, in there 2nd year of study. Are Docs different in America? What do you do different now, since you have cancer? How has your life changed? Are you angry, scared, or wanting to go back to work? These questions seem simple compared to explaining to my 3 year old that I don’t have eye brows because of my medicine. When the hair falls out or gets thin, which is in my case, the medicine is working.

At this meeting of the minds yesterday, I talked for  3 hours straight, was given a ergonomic comfy chair and loved every minute of getting my brain picked.  I keep a journal and have for years, but now my focus is on getting my 3 year old the advice she is going to need to survive her crazy world, with or with out me. I drew many references from these journals to best answer the questions.

I have a lot of offline work to do today while the questions are still fresh. The problem is that I talked so much I have a sore throat and a temperature. Serves me right for shaking every ones hands, by my rules I don’t do that much anymore, and now I remember why. There were 16 students who were asking the question and the first few were very emotional. Then I got into the rhythm of it all, and then things got better. Once I realized these young docs will soon be practicing medicine and I am their first “face” of cancer. Survivor specialist is how my shrink introduced me, I had to chuckle.

In typical dutch fashion I got a huge buquet of flowers, to thank me for my time and effort. See below


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