Reading bambi to 3yr old and trying to explain cancer

June 17, 2008

Everyone knows the Disney story of Bambi who lost his mother to hunters. The version I have has a few beautiful words of how the mother nurtured and let Bambi know all the different names of the flora and fauna. The ugly hunters as depicted in the book, shoot Bambi’s mother to death.  I tried to explain that my sickness is like the hunters sooner or later I will also be dead. The story goes on to explain that the father continues to nurture an explain the sounds of the forest and  the smell of plants and that no one is safe from the hunter.  In this version Bambi is also feels pain when hit with a bullet but recovers. I explain that some people have my sickness and make it through just like Bambi. The rest of the story explains that everyone is happy to see Bambi again, and that he gets on with taking care of the woodland creatures Globo and his love Falina.

isbn 84030508880-9


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