taking a break from life itself–a big deal day

June 9, 2008

Pressures were getting too great and mountains were being made out of molehills. I am no fan of mice and one was happily living in our dishwasher until a few days ago my neighbor acquired a very happy cat. We have not seen the rodent or seen remnants of the rodent. I have decided that it was a good time to get away knowing the cat was doing a good job and our poison pellets were useless.

Some days feel like Alice in Wonderland, but just Me in Cancerland. I spent a week for the first time with my baby girl and the summer nanny, LoveofMyLife had a busy schedule and would only see 3yrold for an hour or two the whole week. Meetings in and out and disappointments of not reading a book for bed would be too much for the little one. I dropped everything to make it easy for us to go to the beach house even bailing on a physical therapy appointment scheduled late in the day. So as soon as Summer Nanny arrived, we went rolling suitcase and backpack onto the trains and buses only to have the longest taxi ride when the bus company decided to strike. We could have gotten to a town closer but the reality was we were still stuck because the tourist buses don’t start running until school lets out in a few weeks. oops!

Finally making it to our destination, there was still many things to accomplish before sundown. Making beds, grocery shopping, and getting the bath and kitchen wiped down. I can’t take risks of high bacteria areas. No cancer patient can. Even after good news was given that the 5FU was definitely working my tumor markers were 185 out of the danger zone of 200 plus.

My new acquisition of an electric bike, I had pedalled until the battery wore out. I gratefully knew I was only 2 kilometers from our beach house on a flat surface. We had just stopped for pizza and even though my bike’s batteries were dead, my own mental and physical batteries had been recharged. The days went by quickly, but I realized I am not good with out my hubby after about 3 days is my max away from him. So this experiment of being away for 5 days was a little hard to swallow.

When the weekend did finally roll around, I was practically jumping out of my skin when the car pulled into the driveway. I ran out of the house without a coat and shoes to greet him in the middle of the night.

The next morning was a big deal day. There was a birthday party for a woman who LoveofMyLife knew from when she was a civil servant and now she is the head of the labor party. We gave her an outside garden gift of a large cylinder vase with sand from our beach and candles in it for on her patio table. She commented that she still has our house warming gift in a predominant place in her garden. Wow what a sharp women to remember who gave you what, I barely remember if I don’t write it down immediately to be able to write thank you cards. This gal has a sharp mind from 4 years ago when she was just a parliamentarian. Now we are rubbing noses with the minister of Education, Justice, Interior, and other distinguished journalist and policy makers. I some how felt like I was taking a break from my Cancerland life and plopped into another world entirely.


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