Missing Love-of-my-life who is at a conference

June 9, 2008

I know it is just an overnight, but I truly like when my hubby is on the pillow next to me. We are very hands on an often at dinner out we would hold hands.  It was also difficult for 3yrold to understand that her Papa was in a hotel without us! How dare he! But luckily the night went fast with our babysitter entertaining her with her new boyfriends cats. Getting up today was also a bit monumental. I usually have the luxury of getting up after the bathroom run. But this time it was hurried and panic. We made it the first time, but the number 2 was a disaster, and needed to start over with new clothes. 

I asked our new aupair to stay the night but of course our 7 am wake up was not on her radar screen. This over night-er worked out better than planned. I had time to make pancakes and settle the little one into morning cartoons until it was time for preschool. I am really proud of myself. This is only after 4 weeks of radiation treatment and I had trouble tying my own shoe yesterday night. It just makes me appreciate my Loveofmylife.

I can’t do it alone, miss you!


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