i’m too wound up to sleep

June 9, 2008

Yep, met the new aupair. Wonderful Midwestern drawl with a head on her shoulders. Let’s see how she will do this weekend with just Jane and I. I think will hit the zoo if the weather is good. Artis in Amsterdam is a old fashion zoo with plenty of animals, and not many habitats.

I’m confident this young women can do the job of aupair for the summer without threatening my other nanny. In fact the other nanny pushed a few hours on her so that the nanny could study for her final exam next Monday. Brilliant! Everyone is getting their 30 hours a week, and I am finally getting full coverage on the weekends instead of being exhausted trying to hold my own.

The decision to go to Zwolle and take summer aupair with us has some challenges. We will need to open up the house and set those two in motion at the park near by and I will get to cracking on how to pack up a house so that it can be sold. First personal things need to be removed, pictures, paintings, and lifelong momentos of an 83 year old woman.

Other news is that we have a 10 percent chance of moving ourselves. We will know in November if we need to move by next spring. So no wonder I can’t sleep. We might as well combine the two homes together and look for something with a first floor living arrangement, or a lift. This might be needed later as my body gives out on me. The house we have now has sentimental value but is not practical if I can’t get up and down the steps. Therefore I am actually looking forward to a move. I welcome packing up once and not unpacking until everything is settled. That is the tricky part.


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