I had a strong day…live strong

June 1, 2008

The motto for many cancer patients including myself is to live strong.  I thought it was going to be an average day, but the last few have been filled with Joy.  We met a nice boy and his father in the playground.

We also had surprised our student/aupair with a Sunday trip into the center city where the shops are still open. We bought her a new bathing suit and headed out to the local indoor pool. I was not the only person with this cool idea of swimming. But at the end the day was simply joyful for everyone. We grabbed a burger for 3yrold, and we all shared potato war, which as peanut sauce used in sate and unions and mayo.  IT SOUNDS GROSS. but the combo is quite delicious. My little one was so tired that she fell asleep on the walk home in my student/aupairs arms. It was truly a magical memory.

Loveofmylife was living strong in his own way. Early wake up to organize the Mother visit before going to a event which rivals anything a politician in America must do. He had an Indian Head dress on, he claims there will be pictures to follow.  Gave a speech not as inspiring as Randy Pausch on youtube.com but still inspiring. And last but not least plant a tree in dedication of 50 years of a portion of his district. Which America would have call urban sprawl got to have a party dedicated to the well being of citizens.


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