Looking up old friends. what ever happened to so and so.

May 28, 2008

She was not just so and so she was valedictorian of our class and disappeared off the map. Now by my good research skills and a handy search engine. I have not only found her but I have bird’s eye view of her house which is a bit creepy to me. I am not stalking her, just wonder what she is up to these days?

This was all spurred on by my student/aupair who is having people visit that she has not been in touch with since high school 3 years ago.  I on the other hand have not seen my chem lab partner since high school 20 plus years ago. It is not like I can knock on her door and say Hi!  By where she has moved she must have had an interesting life. But I just think about her now and again. She was obviously a smart cookie and made a way for herself in this world, maybe I am just curious of the details. Is she happy? Has she found the love of her life? Has she traveled the world over?  Has she dedicated her life to helping others through significant research, like I HAD? Are we on parallel universes? So classmates.com does not help everyone find their old chem lab partners. I still get pleasure out of finding out what people have done with their lives. I am a big fan of biographies, and it is like reading a mini bio.


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