2 new neighbors- nature is busy making new nests

May 6, 2008

I thought it was going to be silent when our trusted neighbor left for France with his girlfriends 5 dogs and 2 cats. But I was wrong. Today a large container truck dumped an empty container in front of the empty house. Soon after the break of dawn, the team of workers literatelydemolishing the inside of this small beach house.

Just like a cancer patient sometimes you have to remove or destroy before you can rebuild.  Radiation seems like such an inhumane thing to a non cancer patient. But just like this house the rotted part must be dealt with in a timely manner.

My other neighbor, quite small in comparison, a nuthatch is feverishly building a nest in our bird house. This is no ordinary bird house it is an exact replica of a Frisians house. In the epic Beowulf it is spoken of Frisian sustaining fighting power. ie. survivability. This symbol of sustainability give me hope to see this nuthatch every 5 to 10 minutes working hard at his new luxury house. Providing all the comforts to his family, as my fries-husband does for me and my little one. 

Sometimes I stop to watch the small but simple chirps between the husband and the wife. One hanging from the small branch on the tree and one on the entrance hole of the house. Just like any project even cancer, you must have communications. Information, whether it is building or destroying a nest, it is important factor to survival. 


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