computer games for 3 year olds?

April 25, 2008

This fuzzy stuffed rabbit with a secret code came in the mail. I never heard of a Webkinz before that day. Maybe I am still in the dark, but does a 3 year old need a computer game with passwords and such? The only good thing I see is that she is learning mouse control by making the silly rabbit jump from one part of the screen to another in a virtual room. The little one is happy to me on mommy’s “puter”. And it is an activity that this chemo-Mom can do much better than playing hide and seek. Sitting on Mommy’s lap is never a bad thing. She gets bored quickly and jumps off, but the idea of giving reign over my computer is still very difficult for me. There are many websites to do educational games, but this is like Sims for preschoolers.


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