A Ride in the Mayor’s Limo

April 22, 2008

Well not technically a limousine but a high end Peugeot, with a driver is what the Mayor of Amsterdam is afforded to drive around in. This time was Love of My Life’s turn to get a ride to an important meeting and have a few quotes in the NRC, a national news paper for Holland. We were all impressed when the doorbell rang and the well polished car sat waiting for Papa to put his coat on and be whisked away. We waved furiously, but to no avail, Love of My Life was already on the telephone conducting business.

3 year old was a bit saddened by the incident. I comforted her with her favorite drink and asked her to wait for his return. In no time, she was jumping and shouting… Papa, Papa is back. Little did I know that our little three year old was also going to get a ride to play school in the chauffeured car. When I say that my hubby did not have his jacket on an only keys in his hand, I knew she was going to get a very special ride today!

It is not everyday your hubby and three year old wave feverishly out the window of the Mayor’s limo. I was not quick enough to put it to film. Life happens so fast some times. But I have a witness and my cleaning lady can later tell the story.


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