physio (physical therapy named by 3 year old) and chemo brain

April 21, 2008

Mommy do you have physio today? as she wakes from her groggy sleep. I say yes I do. We get into our normal Monday routine of getting new clothes on and discussing what we will have for breakfast bread or cereal. She sighs and says pasta. Pasta? okay. What is the difference it is biological 4 grain pasta and has just as much nutrients as bread or cereal right? Daddy comes out of the shower to see his girls cooking, and having a bit of a chat in the kitchen. He just shakes his head and moves on to get dressed, because he knows that the day is getting away on him and he has already missed probably an important phone call on his cell phone.
The problem with having a routine and chemo is sometimes you get chemo brain and forget to make the physical therapy appointment on the day you always have it and you have made a switch last week. But on chemo you don’t remember and you are often more forgetful. This was the case today. I went for the first time in months by bike to physical therapy, and quite proud of the achievement when I finally sat down in a nice leather chair in the waiting area. Only to find out the my appointment is for Thursday not the longstanding Monday. What a blunder! I tell her no biggie and return to my bike sheepishly. I guess that I should have looked at the calendar when my baby asked do you have physio. I must assume nothing and check everything while chemo brain is in full force.


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