Everybody is late today- prevention to avoid

April 21, 2008

My lunch date with a parlimentarian’s wife is going to be late. She is “between meetings” at her consultant group.  All power to her, I say.

My help is notoriously late and today is no exception. My daughter needs to be picked up at play school. I will wait to get a phone call before I get myself over to the playground. As a cancer patient you have to avoid children and crowds to prevent colds flu and infection. I am not saying live your life in a bubble, but make sure you take active steps to preventive steps to avoidable situations.

I have a scratch on my hand around my knuckle that I could have avoided had I just warn gloves. Gloves, hats scarves, baseball caps, all theses things are a part of a chemo patients every day apparel.  I don’t go out with out a hat on my head, gloves on and sunglasses permanently in my jacket pocket.


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